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The working principle of the safety valve on the air compressor works by detecting the air pressure in the air compressor. When the pressure in the air compressor rises to a certain value, the safety valve will automatically open, releasing the gas to reduce the air compressor. The internal pressure is too high. When the pressure drops to the specified value, the safety valve is closed, so the safety valve plays a protective role. According to the provisions of the “Safety Valve Safety Technical Supervision Regulations” for regular inspection of safety valves, inspection is usually performed once a year.

The safety valve calibration method is:

Calibration station offline calibration
This calibration method is to directly install the safety valve on the corresponding calibration table, and use the gas medium to open the safety valve. Observe the pressure gauge on the safety valve to confirm whether the pressure value when the valve is opened and the specified pressure value Big difference. However, this method is not suitable for some back pressure safety valves and safety valves for high and low temperature media, and cannot be accurately detected;

2.Online instrument calibration

On-line instrument calibration is to open the safety valve by external force, then detect the pressure acting on the safety valve spring, and verify the safety valve by comparing the magnitude of the pressure. This method can not affect production and has no major impact on the pressure of the system, but this method cannot detect the tightness of the safety valve;

Step-up jump effect test
This method is to let the safety valve work directly in the air compressor system, continuously pressurize artificially until the safety valve opens, detect the pressure value when the safety valve pops open, and complete the verification. However, this detection method will have a certain impact on the tightness of the safety valve, and there are certain risks in operation.

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