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Oil leakage from air compressor is a very serious problem. Oil leakage not only damages the machine but also wastes resources. So what is the cause of the oil leak and how can we solve it!

  1. The main cause of oil leakage is poor material or technology of air compressor parts and structural design problems; improper assembly process, such as unclean surface, damaged or displaced gaskets; uneven tightening force of fastening nuts or The looseness and looseness of the parts cause the working failure of the parts; the wear of the sealing material exceeds the limit, aging, deterioration and deformation failure after long-term use; too much lubricant is added or the oil does not match; the surface of the compressor parts is deformed by deformation and the casing is damaged, causing damage Lubricating oil seeps out; after the vent plug and check valve are blocked, the leak in the weak seal is caused by the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the casing.
  2. The main methods of controlling oil leakage
  • Install the gasket correctly. The gasket between the air compressor parts plays the function of leak-proof sealing. If the material, manufacturing quality and installation do not meet the technical specifications, it can cause oil leakage.
  • Tighten the nuts properly. Too loose will cause the gasket to leak without being pressed tightly, and too tight will cause the metal around the screw hole to bulge, or the screw thread will slip and cause oil leakage.
  • Replace the failed oil seal in time. Which part of the air compressor is the oil seal due to improper installation, resulting in misalignment of the shaft journal and the oil seal edge and oil. Some oil seals lose elasticity due to rubber aging after long use.
  • Replace worn parts in a timely manner. Air compressor parts (such as pistons and cylinders) used for too long will cause excessive wear and tear, causing high-pressure gas in the combustion chamber to penetrate into the crankcase, forcing oil to leak out.
  • Avoid blockage of check valve and ventilation valve. If the check valve and vent valve are blocked, it will cause the temperature inside the tank to rise, and the oil and gas will fill the entire space. The effect of the pressure difference often causes a weak leak in the seal.
  • Ensure the sealing of various tubing joints. The pipe nut used in construction machinery is often disassembled and easy to loose due to the broken wire. For example, the poor accuracy of the bell mouth of the two joints, the misalignment of the center lines of the two hammer faces, or different hammer faces can cause oil leakage. Grinding method can be used to repair the hammer face seal, so that the nut is compacted and sealed reliably.
  • Avoid wheel hub oil. Excessive lubricating grease in the wheel bearing and cavity, or poor oil sealing and aging failure, high wheel temperature caused by frequent braking, loose axle nuts, etc., will cause the wheel to throw oil. Therefore, assembly should be performed in accordance with process operating specifications.

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